Top SEO Trends for 2023

Are you ready for SEO in 2023? Here are the top 5 SEO trends for the coming year

Google's algorithm updates are unpredictable making staying abreast of the updates important to ensure continued SEO success. What worked in years gone by no longer works today and what works today will be distant history in months and years to come as Google continues to aim to improve the results it provides search users.

Like the years before, 2023 is no different when it comes to SEO. Yet, unlike previous years, the SEO trends in 2023 are somewhat new in the industry and are making quite a statement. Ofcourse, many of the current trends are still applicable as we head into the new year but there are some new trends we can expect.

These trends listed here are just a few of the many that have been seconded by leading SEO experts around the globe but they are the ones that we see as the top priority elements for SEO growth success online. 

Keeping content up to date

Content has always been a top priority when it comes to SEO success online and SEO in 2023 is no different. Even though adding new content to a site is important, it is just as important to keep older content up to date. Not only will this aid SEO growth but it will also improve user experience  which can help improve a website's ranking on search results pages. Additionally, the regular updating of content to remain up to date and accurate will also improve rankings on Google's search results pages.

Expect less organic click-throughs

As Google continues its efforts to keep users within its own ecosystem through its SERP features that provide direct answers to users' questions, businesses ranking even on the first pages of the Google search results pages can expect a lower click-through rate. Let's look at an example.

If you search for:

Where to buy latest iPhone

You will be met with Google Ads, followed by Google Maps, with Google Shopping either on the right or sometimes even above the ads, followed by Google's direct answers. Only after all of these Google features are shown the first organic listing can be found and in the case of the iPhone, this listing will be the official Apple website.

It is estimated that the first three organic listings on the Google search results pages saw 43%, 37% and 29% of clicks respectively however, as Google continues to aim to answer user's questions faster and within its own ecosystem, it is expected that the third, fourth and fifth listings will see much less than the estimated 29.90%, 19.38% and 10.95%, respectively.

A 2020 survey estimated that almost 70% of searches ended without a user clicking through to a website.


Conversational Queries

In 2022, Google launched LaMDA in order to understand natural language better. With the implementation of LaMDA, Google focuses on understanding dialogue better to deliver results more efficiently. This process includes understanding vernacular and how users converse when trying to find what they need. With conversational queries trending in 2023, website owners will need to put significant emphasis on optimising for voice search queries. 

Website owners can optimise for voice search by targeting phrase-based search terms such as "what is the best running shoe brands?", where a text-based search would likely be "best running shoe brands". In addition, Google is always trying to provide its users with the answers they are looking for as fast as possible so keeping your answers concise is important. It is also important to consider venacular. Different regions within a country and on a broader scope, the world use different phrases and its important to ensure your content contains these venaculars based on the areas you are targeting with SEO.

Increased focus on human experience

In 2021, Google included three Core Web Vitals, namely:

  • LCP - Largest Contentful Paint
  • FID - First Input Delay
  • CLS - Cumulative Layout Shifts

These core web vitals in addition to page experience metrics such as mobile responsiveness and site security are important factors that Google looks at within its ranking systems. 

Moving into 2023, this focus will expand to include additional metrics for measuring user experiences. Metrics to keep an eye on include: 

  • TTFB - Time to First Byte
  • FCP - First Contentful Paint
  • INP - Interaction to Next Paint
  • TTI - Time to Interactive (TTI)
  • TBT - Total Blocking Time

Similar to the Core Web Vitals, these metrics aim to gauge the user experience on a website taking into consideration page load speed, interactivity and visual stability of a page. In 2023, success will come from ensuring that Technical SEO is implemented to provide a better user experience for users browsing a website, in addition to the other important metrics that Google looks at for rankings on the search results pages. 

Online Shopping

Online shopping has seen massive growth since the pandemic and has long been the primary method of purchase for many people however, new innovations in this area will change the way people shop online. Google is continuously working on ways to improve their users' shop online and is trying to make itself the go-to middleman between the merchant and the buyer. A few of the steps they have taken are eliminating commission feesmaking it free for sellers, and expanding its partnership with Shopify.

In addition, they have built the Shopping Graph, an AI model that helps buyers find the products they are looking for. With Shopping Graph, Google takes into consideration elements such as:

  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Website
  • Inventory
  • Videos

Users can now search for products using image search allowing them to find products stored on screenshots and photos. All of these changes highlight the importance of ecommerce stores including keyword-rich product listing as well as relevant text captions and titles on images featured on their website.

Stay abreast of the 2023 changes

With the changing landscape of SEO it is important to stay abreast of the changes happening in the realm of SEO, with important focus on the algorithm releases from Google that take place throughout the year. Staying ahead of these changes will help a business ensure SEO success online by ensuring they meet Google's requirements for ranking at the top of Google's search results pages.